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Easter message from the CEO to our staff

I don’t know whether you have even noticed, but today is the last day of term and the start of the Easter holiday! For all of us, this will be an Easter holiday like no other. A day trip might involve an adventure all the way to the end of Our Street. A flight will likely only be the flight of a bumble bee or butterfly as we spend time in the garden. The first opportunity of the year for sunbathing...well, who knows? If there is a deckchair in the shed, scrub it down and set it in your garden in hope. For many of you, the holiday will involve at least some time on duty as you provide for your pupils like never before – to you I say a special ‘thank you’. Please know how much it means to those for whom you are providing – the clap for the NHS on Thursday evening was a round of applause for you as well as you keep these critical people working.

Of paramount importance over the next two weeks is that you find some quality time for rest and recuperation. This has been an unbelievable few weeks and we have got ourselves through on reserves of energy we never knew we had. The next term promises to be different and challenging as well, so it is essential that we are all refreshed as we move into this period. Within our DSAT team, we will continue to be on duty to serve you this Easter as needed but equally, we are ensuring that everyone on our team takes time out for rest.


Easter, of course, is all about the death and resurrection of Jesus. I am reminded of those who lovingly cared for him as he made his way towards the cross. Mary, Martha and Lazarus, for example, in their home in Bethany showed Jesus unusual kindness at his most challenging time. I am sure you have all been showing kindness to so many but how good are you at receiving it from others? Consider then, the body of Jesus as it was taken from the cross – the physical challenges of all that he had endured, now culminating in his body being laid to rest. Think what that rest accomplished – just a few days later, he rose again in what the Bible refers to as ‘the power of an endless life’, so that he could give life to others. My point is this – rest now for a while. In order to face the challenges and excitement that the next term will bring; you need to be replenished so that you will ‘rise again’ to achieve even greater things. Easter is filled with despair but hope and life triumph over it all!